During the 8-day Lao package tour, we cover the 02 main destinations:

      1. Luang Prabang, as the most well-known tourist destination of Laos, is what we cannot miss;
      2. Southern Laos, which is famous for its colorful Bolaven plateau, the ruin of Angkor style Wat Phou temple, the peaceful 4000-island area, or the biggest waterfalls in Southeast Asia of Khone Phapheng. The package gives you the chance to cover most of the Lao essential tourist destinations.

Your Lao travel plan starts with the Baci ceremony, the most important spiritual practice in Laos. The ceremony will be held by the elders of the village at the host family, which will give you the chance to really emerge into Lao culture. The visit to Luang Prabang continues with the cuise along the mighty Mekong to the mysterious Pak Ou caves. The visit to the exciting Kuang Si waterfalls is also included in this Lao package tour.

 Southern Laos including : Bolaven plateau, where we will the life-time experience with the Jeep tour following the Coffee Trail; The Angkor style Wat Phou temple; 4000-island area, the most peaceful palce in Laos; and Khone Phapheng waterfalls, which is called Niagara of Southeast Asia.


Tour Highlights….

      • Emerging into the Lao culture with the spiritual Baci ceremony
      • Cruising the mighty Mekong river to the mysterious Pak Ou caves
      • Impressed by the long line of saffron clad monks collecting the daily morning alms giving in the streets
      • Driving to the exciting Kuang Si waterfalls
      • Exploring the colorful Bolaven plateau, admiring the beautiful waterfalls, green tea and coffee plantation, and plenty of tribe villages
      • Experience the Coffee trail with Jeep Tour
      • Reveal the mysteries of the ruin of the Angkor-style Wat Phou temple
      • Discovering the 4000-island area, the chance to see the Mekong Irrawaddy dolphin
    • Admiring the biggest waterfalls in Southeast area of Khone Phapheng


On arrival at the Luang Prabang airport, you will be met and transferred to check in the hotel. Situated in the center of northern Laos, Luang Prabang is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its outstanding cultural, historic and architectural values and its harmonious relationship between the natural and built environment.  Late afternoon, join a private Baci ceremony at a local family. The Baci ceremony as a traditional ritual of the Lao people to expresses the spirituality of the country and is a highly memorable experience and a deep insight into Lao culture for the participants. Dinner will be served after that for you to share with the host family. This is the best chance for you to have first-hand experience of local life and culture.