Our Values

Even after all these years, we still start each day with a sense of excitement and eagerness to explore and to share our knowledge with our guests. We make it our duty to ensure that every single traveller leaves each country with expanded insights, and refreshed senses and souls. Our ability to realise this vision is through our focus on two core components:
the best tour guides, and the continuous development of our products to deliver classic tours with a twist.

The High Quality Tour Guides

A good tour guide is a lot more than a chauffeur or talking guide book, and is truly passionate about sharing his local knowledge and insights about a place. The tour guide is the path through which travellers make a connection with a country and its people.

Anyone can buy a guide book and show himself around the sites, but if you want to really get inside a place and truly experience it, you need someone who understands it well and knows where to find the hidden little secrets that most visitors would never know to look for. And since you can’t learn what you don’t understand, all Asialink guides are there to share and involve travellers in new experiences. Experiences that are real, sometimes impromptu and always rewarding. Our guides are the next best thing to having a friend there…and after taking one of our tours, you will.

We focus on making sure our guides are the best, through careful recruitment and selection, extensive and ongoing development programs, and a unique tour guide buddy system. It is a proven model and one we continually adapt and improve to guarantee Asialink can continue to deliver the promise of superior guides.

Classic Tours With A Twist

As well as ensuring we have the best guides, we also pay careful attention to the way we design our tours. We seek to ensure that every tour delivers a unique combination of experiences, comprising of the must-see sights mixed with hidden gems. Yes, especially when visiting a country for the first time, there are certain sights that almost every traveller will want to experience. How can you go to Cambodia without experiencing the spectacular temple ruins at Angkor? A trip to Vietnam would be incomplete without experiencing the quaint and charm of Hanoi’s old quarter by cyclo. But beyond the must-see sights, there is a wealth of lesser known, enriching and enlightening experiences to be had. It is these experiences that really connect a traveller to a new country, opening the mind, soul and senses.

But also things change fast. Thus, we aim to continually develop and improve our current tours, as well as offering new tours both within our current destinations and, as we grow and expand, into new destinations. We understand that travellers’ expectations change and what was innovative and new once quickly becomes the norm. Thus, we make it our mission to continually adapt and evolve our products to ensure we are always offering something creative, non-traditional and unexpected.

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