Employee of the Month

Addin| Muhammad Salahudin

Muhammad Salahudin – one of our Finance & Accounting team who works with Asialink Holidays for almost 4 years. Addin, his nickname, is an energic person, friendly, helpful, and always thinking forward.

He comes from Bima, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. He is a person who has broad insight and aspirations, a husband, an ordinary father, and AC Milan lovers. He likes to play futsal and watching football in the stadium on the weekend also playing games before going to bed.

He prefers to hang out in nature than in café, dreaming of pilgrimage (naik haji) and watching AC Milan to Italy someday with his family.

He also has good time management to organize all activities in his life. He would be ready to share his experience on how to manage his time with a tight schedule. In 2020 he never came late yet to the office.