Our Tour Guides

Critical to the success of our tours, our tour guides are the best in the region. Passionate, knowledgeable and caring, they bring the tours to life and deliver real, authentic and enriching experiences.

Meet some of them here.



Being an Asialink tour guide for a couple of years, I understand that it is not just teaching people something that I know. But it is the process of learning and sharing. Taking people to nice places, showing them your own country, and learning many things from them really motivates me. I am lucky to have such a good job; it is a passion and a job at the same time!

Working as a tour guide gives me the feeling of a local friend sharing knowledge and experiences with people all over the world. I don’t think there is another job in the world that could be more rewarding.


Asialink feels like my second family with the friendly and hospitable people. Moreover here is also the place where I was trained to become an excellent tour guide (I know my guests agree!).

Maybe you will ask me “Why do you choose this job, Khanh?” My answer: simply I love it. My family is so proud when I tell them about my job. I get to lead visitors around the most beautiful and outstanding places in my country introducing them to friendly people, an ancient culture, and most importantly – very delicious food!

Andi Septanto

Ik ben Andi. Een nederlands talige gids van een bijzondere reisorganitatie dat ASIALINK heet. Ik werk al lang 14 voor Asialink..ik ben geboren op java; een eiland waar de bergen met groene bossen bedekt, waar de palmen zo reusachtig groot, waar theeplukkers met een glimlach plukken, waar de boeren werken in de mooie rijsvelden, waar veel kinderen rennen met hun hand zwaaien..ik wil alles vertellen en laten zien over mijn eiland.

Madu Sudana

Hello, mijn naam is Madu. Ik ben de gids van Asialink sinds 2005, met ervaring van Java en Bali Rondreis. Het is leuk als ik gasten kan laten zien onze natuur en informeren onze cultuur en traditie.

Wayan Karang

I have been working for Asialink for eight years now. As a Balinese, it still amazes me how Asialink continuously brings new things to my life – the people, the nature, the cultures, the arts, and everything about Indonesia! I’ve never been so proud and felt so touched when I can share these beautiful experiences with our clients, especially being able to deliver the tour in their own native language.

Wayan Karyati

Hi, I am Karyati and I have been working as a tour guide with Asialink for fifteen happy years. I see all the guides at Asialink constantly working to make each tour better. It is our aim to give our guests the greatest experience, so that when they leave, they can’t wait to come back!


My name is Tiwaporn Sai-inta. I discovered myself that I love to make the people happy since I was in high school then I discovered myself that I love to travel because it’s make me feel free and got a good friendship since I was in university. Moreover, I was internship at adventure tour company in Chiang Mai. I always love to travel and make the people happy and I love to tell the story to people. The reason why I am here to being a guide because I can do the all thing that I love in the same time.


My name is Wichuda (nickname : JEAP) Sattayakum, 56 years, married and mother of two sons. Having lived in The Netherlands for twelve years I do speak and understand Dutch fairly resonable. Being active in the travel industry for 20+ years in Thailand I love to take care of our guests and make sure they feel comfortable during their stay. Rest assured I will do my utmost to make sure that you do have a memorable stay.

I am also a licensed tour guide and on a very regular basis I will accompany and show our guests around to the most beautiful spots in Thailand and join them with all sort of activities.

I do hope to welcome you soon in Thailand !!


“Xin Chào! I am Than. Tourguide is my first job and immediately feeling connected with this work – just like fish in the water. Being trained and being part of the Asialink tourguide team is the best time that I have had so far. I enjoy sharing Vietnamese’s culture to all of my clients and looking after my clients as my friends, my family. Welcome to Vietnam, my friends!”


“I was born with the dream to travel, to learn, to talk, and to share. And becoming a tour guide exactly fulfills my dream. This job rewards me with the opportunities to open my mind to new places, to different culture, to learn from friends worldwide, and to proudly show you how beautiful and friendly Vietnam is.

I am so lucky to be a part of Asialink family, where I find more about myself, and where I learn to become a professional tour guide.”

Tinh (Leo)

Xin chào!
My name is Tinh (Leo) from Vietnam. Love the culture and nature since I was a little boy, when I grow up, I realize every region has its own unique beauty. My most enjoyable part of this work is to showing the daily life of the local people, sharing and exchanging the knowledge of culture, beauty of nature with all friends around the world. Well, adventures are waiting for you here with Leo. Can’t wait to see you here in my beautiful Vietnam !
From Leo with love !

Ngoc (Lucy)

Xin chào!
My name is Ngoc, you can call me Lucy.


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