Best things to do in Wakatobi

The name Wakatobi is a combination from the first two letters of every island. WA stands for Wangi – Wangi, KA stands for Kaledupa, TO stands for Tomia and BI stands for Binongo The Wakatobi islands are an undiscovered paradise for divers. The islands have more than 50 diving spots, one of the highest biodiversity in Indonesia and best of all; the spots have a low amount of visitors. Above the surface you will be impressed as well. The sea surrounding the island inhabits villages which are standing in the middle of the ocean. The island have quiet white beaches and boats are sailing over mangrove forests which is an impressive sight to see.

Visit the city on pillars
This village of Bajau is built on pillars and its location is 1 km offshore Ambeua pier. The pillars of the village are standing on coral under water. The locals of the village live in wooden stilt houses which are connected by small bamboo bridges. In the rivers under the bridges is enough space for boats to pass through. The citizens of the village are very friendly and welcoming to the people who want to visit the village. The women in the village do the household duties like cooking, cleaning, going to the mainland to buy groceries at the market, etc. The men in the village are fishermen. They catch fish for their village and for their family.

Discover Wangi – Wangi
Wangi – Wangi has a various underwater world. The reefs are colourful and there is a big variety of marine life under the surface. The ocean floor has various landscapes which you can explores during you stay in Wangi – Wangi. The landscapes vary from Flat plains, gentle slopes, steep walls, and deep caves which you explorer during your adventure at the bottom of the ocean. You can discover the island of Pulau Wangi – Wangi by bicycle. The island has good flat roads which are perfect to cycle. Along the road, there are more than enough beaches and caves to stop and they are all easy accessible.

Discover Kaledupa
Kaledupa was the island of the Ruling Kingdom before the arrival of the Butonese. The royals had a reason to settle on this island and you will see it right away when you enter the island yourself. This island is an beautiful paradise. The mangroves and coconut trees are greeting you when you arrive at shore and when you go into the inlands, you will impregnable landscape. This landscape is even more impregnable then the other Wakatobi islands.

Discover Tomia
Tomia has a beautiful ocean surrounding it which makes the island a perfect diving destination. With beautiful reefs and colourful corals, this destination attracts many visitors. But there is also more than enough to discover when you go to the island itself. Tomia has white beaches and cliffs which are waiting for you to be discovered. After a whole day of exploring the island, you have to go to the night market where you can eat traditional food. Tomia has also a good infrastructure due to its popularity among drivers.

Discover Binongko
This island is famous for its blacksmiths. That explains the nickname of the island which is Kepulauan Tukang Besi. This means blacksmiths archipelago. The island may be the last of the Wakatobi islands, but this island is more than worthy enough to visit with is untouched cliff landscapes, white beaches, turtle breeting grounds and hidden hot springs throughout the island.

Diving in Wakatobi national park
This national park is one of the top 10 diving spots of Indonesia. The diving spot has more than 25 coral reefs and over 900 marine species. The corals are still untouched by humans and the amazing biodiversity underwater makes the diving spot very attracting for scuba divers. The World Wildlife Fund has also helped out the park management to publicize the biodiversity of the park. The WWF even has made a movie over the area.