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Being an Asialink tour guide for a couple of years, I understand that it is not just teaching people something that I know. But it is the process of learning and sharing. Taking people to nice places, showing them your own country, and learning many things from them really motivates me. I am lucky to […]


Asialink feels like my second family with the friendly and hospitable people. Moreover here is also the place where I was trained to become an excellent tour guide (I know my guests agree!). Maybe you will ask me “Why do you choose this job, Khanh?” My answer: simply I love it. My family is so […]

Andi Septanto

Ik ben Andi. Een nederlands talige gids van een bijzondere reisorganitatie dat ASIALINK heet. Ik werk al lang 14 voor Asialink..ik ben geboren op java; een eiland waar de bergen met groene bossen bedekt, waar de palmen zo reusachtig groot, waar theeplukkers met een glimlach plukken, waar de boeren werken in de mooie rijsvelden, waar veel […]

Madu Sudana

Hello, mijn naam is Madu. Ik ben de gids van Asialink sinds 2005, met ervaring van Java en Bali Rondreis. Het is leuk als ik gasten kan laten zien onze natuur en informeren onze cultuur en traditie.

Wayan Karang

I have been working for Asialink for eight years now. As a Balinese, it still amazes me how Asialink continuously brings new things to my life – the people, the nature, the cultures, the arts, and everything about Indonesia! I’ve never been so proud and felt so touched when I can share these beautiful experiences […]

Wayan Karyati

Hi, I am Karyati and I have been working as a tour guide with Asialink for fifteen happy years. I see all the guides at Asialink constantly working to make each tour better. It is our aim to give our guests the greatest experience, so that when they leave, they can’t wait to come back!