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My name is Tiwaporn Sai-inta. I discovered myself that I love to make the people happy since I was in high school then I discovered myself that I love to travel because it’s make me feel free and got a good friendship since I was in university. Moreover, I was internship at adventure tour company […]


My name is Wichuda (nickname : JEAP) Sattayakum, 56 years, married and mother of two sons. Having lived in The Netherlands for twelve years I do speak and understand Dutch fairly resonable. Being active in the travel industry for 20+ years in Thailand I love to take care of our guests and make sure they […]


“Xin Chào! I am Than. Tourguide is my first job and immediately feeling connected with this work – just like fish in the water. Being trained and being part of the Asialink tourguide team is the best time that I have had so far. I enjoy sharing Vietnamese’s culture to all of my clients and […]


“I was born with the dream to travel, to learn, to talk, and to share. And becoming a tour guide exactly fulfills my dream. This job rewards me with the opportunities to open my mind to new places, to different culture, to learn from friends worldwide, and to proudly show you how beautiful and friendly […]

Tinh (Leo)

Xin chào! My name is Tinh (Leo) from Vietnam. Love the culture and nature since I was a little boy, when I grow up, I realize every region has its own unique beauty. My most enjoyable part of this work is to showing the daily life of the local people, sharing and exchanging the knowledge […]