Best thing to do in Padang


Padang is the port of West Sumatra. Padang is also the largest port of West Sumatra. Because of this, Padang is a real trading city. Mostly of the goods which are traded are cinnamon, rubber, coffee, tea, cement and coal. Padang has also a very popular beach which houses a legend. During you stay in Padang, you cannot skip  the local cuisine, cause it will be a pity to be missed.

Lake Maninjau

You have to visit lake Maninjau during your stay in Padang. The has a is a stunning sight to see and there are a lot of activities which you can do. Just try fishing and catch a big one, go for dinner with a romantically atmosphere due to the beautiful sunset or enjoy the view of the lake by just looking to it. The lake is just like a mirror which don’t make you feel bored due to the ever changing sky which will be reflected by the lake.

Travel to China in just one day

You are reading it right. You can get in one day a full-china-experience! Visit China town in Padang and be surrounded by a totally different atmosphere which you get from the Indonesian culture. During your visit, you must see the Chinese temple of China town. This is the landmark of China town itself, so you haven’t been there if you haven’t visited the temple. The surrounding area of China town doesn’t have many restaurants which means that you have to try the local food if you want to eat something, but that’s not a problem because the local food is delicious and really cheap.

Enjoy your day on Air Manis Beach

Have you ever heard of the legend of Manis Beach? The locals say that once upon a time there was a rebellious boy. Hey was always against his mother, even when the mother tried to be the best for his son. And then god decided to turn the boy into stone as punishment for his behaviour. Can you find the boy of stone on the beach? The beach is also perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sunset. The sunset which you see on the beach is also the second reason why this beach is so famous. Do we see you at Air Manis Beach?

Visit the Pagaruyung Palace

This Palace is one of the most famous historic object in West – Sumatra. The original palace is actual burned, but the palace have enough cultural value to rebuild it. Nowadays the palace has also a different location. The first palace was built on the peak of Pagaruyung’s Batu Patah hill. Nowadays, the palace is located to the south where the first temple stood. You have to visit the palace, cause it brings you back in time.

Try the local cuisine

During your stay in Padang, you cannot miss out the local cuisine. One thing you have to try is Rendang. Rendang is curry and beef. The chef cooks for you the curry and beef up to 8 hours to give its signature black colour. During the time the curry get prepared, the chef is also caramelizing some coconut milk to add to the dish. The dish has also different variations with chicken and vegetables, so everyone can eat it.