Best Things To Do in Bandung

Bandung is one of the tourist cities in Indonesia which is quite famous for its natural beauty. Its charm is so beautiful for the eye, as if it’s endless to be admired. The options for culinary tours within the city of Bandung are very wide and all tours will cover the natural and artistic sights of the city. For those of you who plan to vacation in Indonesia, Bandung can be one of your best choices.

Relaxation at the Ciater hot spring
The Ciater hot springs are the largest hot springs in West Java on the slopes of Mount Tangkuban Perahu, precisely on the edge of Jalan Raya Subang. This tourist spot is also well organized and has complete facilities thanks to its good management. The hot springs in the Ciater hot spring come from Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, with temperatures between 43 – 45 degrees Celsius. The hot water makes your body relaxed and loose the muscles after the move. . In addition to helping to relax and refresh the body, Ciater hot water is also efficacious for treating various skin diseases, nerve disorders, and even believed to be able to help the healing process of paralysis due to high blood pressure or stroke.

See oriental touches in Bandung Chinatown
Bandung Chinatown was from origin just an ordinary village inhabited by Chinese citizens living in Bandung. The village, which stands on an area of 3,000 ha, began commercializing as a tourist area in August 2017. To differentiate from some Chinatowns in Indonesia, this area has a real Chinese atmosphere and this area is shaped in such a way that tourists can really feel how it feels to be in the China. The concept of Bandung Chinatown was made in the same way as in ancient times and because of this, the city has many details in its architecture which are similar to each other. You will be able to feel nuances and atmosphere of China Town in ancient times.

Taste the delicious street food
If you always eat in a restaurant during your holiday, then it’s time to taste street food in Bandung. Like other of Indonesia, you can find plenty of food in Bandung. We recommend you to try the Pa Otong Chicken Porridge which compared to other Chicken porridge, has extra cakwe and shredded chicken. In addition, you can also try Bandung’s culinary, Batagor, short for Bakso Tahu Goreng (Fried Tofu Meatballs). This dish is made from meatballs and fried tofu which is poured with sweet and savory peanut sauce, then given sweet soy sauce and lime juice. The taste becomes even more distinctive due to its use of mackerel as its main ingredient. You have to try it.

Test the adrenaline in the Ciwidey river
Ciwidey River is a river in West Java that stretches for 20 km. This river is stored with luxury for the ones who like rafting. The rafting course is filled with beautiful views of rock formations and trees. The water is clean and the rapids are fast, so you will enjoy the rafting course which empties into the Citarum river. The course will be challenging holiday activity, because you have to be able to gain control over your rubber boat, while riding the wild and fast rapids of the Ciwidey River.

Visiting the fascinating White Crater
You can visit the White Crater in the Ciwidey area. This crater is a lake which is formed by the eruption of Mount Patuha in the 9th or 10th century. The bottom of the lake is mixed with sulfur which gives the bottom of the lake a white color while the water of the lake is green. The Ciwidey White crater is unique, due to the color changing water in the lake. The mountain which stretches almost 10 hectares wide is famous for its natural beauty. The mountain provide you of a beautiful panorama view over the greenish – white craters which are even more beautiful in the thin mist combined with the beautiful nature surrounding the area. This area has an romantic atmosphere, due to the wonders of nature.