Our Tour Guides

Critical to the success of our tours, our tour guides are the best in the region. Passionate, knowledgeable and caring, they bring the tours to life and deliver real, authentic and enriching experiences.

Meet some of them here.

Agung Heriawan tourguide asialink

Agung Heriawan

Hi, I'm Agung and I have been working with Asialink for five years. Asialink always motivates me to continuously develop and become the greatest tour guide! I am committed to provide the best service to all visitors to my beautiful country!

Duc tourguide asialink


Being an Asialink tour guide for a couple of years, I understand that it is not just teaching people something that I know. But it is the process of learning and sharing. Taking people to nice places, showing them your own country, and learning many things from them really motivates me. I am lucky to have such a good job; it is a passion and a job at the same time!

Working as a tour guide gives me the feeling of a local friend sharing knowledge and experiences with people all over the world. I don’t think there is another job in the world that could be more rewarding.

Gede Atmaka tourguide asialink

Gede Atmaka

Hello, I'm Gede and have been working with Asialink for more than seven years now. With Asialink’s creative and varied programs, flexibility and respect to locals, I feel honoured to work as a tour guide and am always eager to show beautiful Bali to our guests.

Gus Ary tourguide asialink

Gus Ary

I dreamt of being a tour guide when I was a little boy and now I have fulfilled that dream with Asialink. I am privileged to be a member of the Asialink team and I find that with each new experience, I fall in love with my country even more.

Hanh tourguide asialink


“Toi Yeu Viet Nam” – I love Vietnam. I am very proud to talk about my homeland with guests from all over the world. I want to show you how beautiful and peaceful is Vietnam! Come to live in middle of friendly smiles, to experience a country of legends, culture, and charms - Vietnam with me!

Hung tourguide asialink


Travelling is my passion and being a tour guide is a dream I have had since I was very young. Working for Asialink is like being part of a big family! I was able to study a new language and for all of us, ensuring our clients are happy is a natural duty that we love to do every day!

Khanh tourguide asialink


Asialink feels like my second family with the friendly and hospitable people. Moreover here is also the place where I was trained to become an excellent tour guide (I know my guests agree!). 

Maybe you will ask me "Why do you choose this job, Khanh?" My answer: simply I love it. My family is so proud when I tell them about my job. I get to lead visitors around the most beautiful and outstanding places in my country introducing them to friendly people, an ancient culture, and most importantly – very delicious food!  

Made Kumbara tourguide asialink

Made Kumbara 

My name is Made but friends call me "Kriting" which means curly! Being a new member of the team, I fell in love with Asialink straight away. I have learnt so much more about my country and love to have the opportunity to share that with my guests. I have always had a simple wish to meet people from around the world and share stories of my beautiful Bali. I find that every Asialink journey goes beyond my expectations...and I'm proud that our guests feel the same way!

Tuyen tourguide asialink


I have been a part of the Asialink team since its opening. I love to show our beautiful Vietnam, where I was born and grew up. I am proud when seeing clients admire a beautiful landscape and begin to see more of our lives here. The smile on every traveller’s face when they finish the tour is what makes my job worthwhile, sometimes there are even tears when we say farewell! I know their tears mean our country has stolen their heart!

Trung tourguide asialink


Our clients – my friends – really open up new horizons to me when I can exchange knowledge, learn and discover! Each tour is a journey of sharing and I love the chance to explore new places with my new friends – always seeing something different and learning something new.

Through my job with Asialink, I also discovered more about myself.  That is what is so rewarding for me! I’ve learnt to focus on what is important, to grow up, to share, to give, to enjoy life and to always love each other! That is the journey of life! So now what shall I do? Keep moving!

Truong tourguide asialink


I feel the most comfortable, the most myself, when I am on tour. I love travelling and my job gives me so many opportunities to travel and constantly rediscover my own country. In Vietnamese, we have a saying, "a day of journey, a basket of wisdom.” Being a tour guide I have my dream: a job and a passion.

Travelling with our clients, I find myself learning more about myself and how I see the world. Thanks to my job I have learnt a new value of things around me, and I feel in love with Vietnam.

Vinh tourguide asialink


I help our visitors enjoy the daily life of the local people and that is the best way for them to understand our country. The best part is that every region has a different and unique culture which means I always have a lot of things to share with visitors. Actually, they are not only my visitors but also my friends. After every tour, I have more friends!

Wavan Karang tourguide asialink

Wayan Karang

I have been working for Asialink for eight years now. As a Balinese, it still amazes me how Asialink continuously brings new things to my life - the people, the nature, the cultures, the arts, and everything about Indonesia! I've never been so proud and felt so touched when I can share these beautiful experiences with our clients, especially being able to deliver the tour in their own native language.

Wavan Karyati tourguide asialink

Wayan Karyati

Hi, I am Karyati and I have been working as a tour guide with Asialink for five happy years. I see all the guides at Asialink constantly working to make each tour better. It is our aim to give our guests the greatest experience, so that when they leave, they can’t wait to come back!