Why Indonesia?

Diverse, alive, inspiring

Indonesia is big in every sense of the word. With the world’s fourth largest population (including the world’s largest Muslim population) occupying the world’s largest archipelago of over 17,000 islands, this is a country that inspires awe in even the most seasoned traveller.

To say that Indonesia is a dynamic country would be an understatement. From the chaotic urban sprawl of Jakarta, to the lush rice fields and turquoise waters of Bali, to the rugged mountains and billowing volcanoes of Java, the sheer vastness of Indonesia can be daunting. The enormity of Indonesia’s geography is matched only by the diversity of its people and cultures.

Calendar of Event

Start dateEnd dateTitleLocationDescription
26 December 20185 January 2019Galungan & KuninganDenpasar, BaliGalungan is a Balinese holiday celebrating the victory of dharma over adharma. It marks the time when the ancestral spirits visit the Earth. The last day of the celebration is Kuningan, when they return. The date is calculated according to the 210-day Balinese calendar.
24 February 201931 Maret 2019Bali Spirit FestivalUbud, BaliExperience one of the world's most inspiring yoga festivals, celebrating global community,
world music and well-being, taking place on the idyllic island of Bali.
1 March 20193 March 2019Jakarta International Java JazzJakartaJakarta International Java Jazz Festival is one of the largest jazz festivals in the world and arguably the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere, held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The annual jazz festival is held every early March and was designed to be one of the largest jazz festivals globally.
6 March 2019
(1 day before Nyepi Day)
Ogoh-ogoh FestivalBali IslandBali Ogoh-Ogoh is very identical with Nyepi Day in Bali. It can be said that ogoh ogoh is the most interesting event among the series of Nyepi Ceremony. Ogoh ogoh are paraded in the Pengrupukan night, which is a day before the Saka New Year or so called Nyepi Day. Ogoh-ogoh whose appearance is very scary is usually paraded around the village or town.
26 April 201928 April 2019Ubud Food Festival Ubud, BaliUbud Food Festival is a three-day culinary adventure with Indonesian food as the star. In just four years, the festival has now grown into Southeast Asia's leading culinary event. the festival celebrates Indonesia's culinary heritage and the entire spectrum of its food industry. The festival will feature top Indonesian chefs, restaurateurs, food professionals, and celebrated culinary icons from around the world.
19 May 2019Vesak Day FestivalBorobudur Temple, MagelangVesak is a commemoration of the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha, which are all said to have happened on the same date. It is held around the month of May or Vesak, based on the lunar calendar. Celebrations include dances, poems, parades, processions, deep meditation, theatrical performances, and puppet shows.
15 June 201913 July 2019Bali Art FestivalBaliAnnual biggest art festival in Bali
26 July 201928 July 2019Solo Batik Carnival, Jawa TengahSolo, Central JavaThe Solo Batik Carnival or SBC is an annual carnival held in Solo City, Indonesia. The word "carnival" here is not related with the Christian pre-Lent celebration, but more of a festivities in general, with procession of dancers in extravagant costumes, with emphasis on the Indonesian motif of batik.
2 August 20194 August 2019Dieng Culture Festival, Jawa TengahDieng, Central JavaHeld annually as a community celebration, the festival presents a variety of art and cultural performances, an exhibition of Dieng's finest products, and as pinnacle of the event: the shaving off ritual of dreadlocks of kids born with this unique hair. The ceremony is known as Ruwatan anak gembel/gimbal.
7 August 201910 August 2019Baliem Valley FestivalPapuaIt is the massive tribal attraction involving different tribes living around Baliem Valley such as Dani, Lani and Yali tribe.
17 August 2019Independence DayAll over IndonesiaIt's Indonesia big day where everyone celebrate the Independence Day.
21 August 201925 August 2019Sanur Village Festival, BaliSanur, BaliSanur Village Festival is a combination of several large-scale activities involving food festival, creative economy exhibition, various contests and competitions, art and cultural attractions, music as well as various types of environmentally-friendly activities.
21 September 201922 September 2019Jogja International Street PerformanceYogyakartaIt's an annual international festival in Yogyakarta, which tries to embrace and engage artists from various countries, as an event that aims to become a cultural gathering space between nations by presenting dance performances, music from various countries and from Indonesia
23 September 201926 September 2019Tour de IjenEast JavaTour de Ijen is a men's one-day cycle race which takes place in Ijen Mountain Indonesia
27 September 201927 October 2019Wonderful Indonesia Culinary and Shopping FestivalJakartaAn annual event for culinary and shopping lovers
18 October 201921 October 2019Raja Ampat Marine FestivalRaja Ampat, PapuaThe Festival will feature a wide variety of activities that will unveil the magical wonders of Raja Ampat, from its mesmerizing landscapes all the way to an up close and personal encounter with some of the world's most fascinating and unique sea creatures.
16 November 201917 November 2019Jogja International Heritage WalkYogyakartaJogja International Heritage Walk (JIHW) is an international walking event held by Jogja Walking Association as the organizing committee, which concept covers not only health, but also green environment.
9 December 201912 December 2019Toba Lake FestivalNorth SumatraThis traditional festival of Indonesia features many cultural events that include traditional singing as well as dancing. However the main attraction of the festival is the canoe race contested by competing villages that resides across the lake.

Indonesia Highlights

  • Tee off at some of the world’s most beautiful and challenging golf courses
  • Bask in the serenity of the Borobudur Temple
  • Spend time among the Orangutans in their jungle home
  • Relax on Bali’s iconic and celebrated beaches
  • Watch the sunrise over the steaming crater of Mount Bromo
  • Partake in the rural life and learn the techniques of processing rubber, coffee and cocoa
  • Indulge yourself in the world’s most acclaimed spas
  • Discover the ancient craft and secrets of puppet making
  • Take a stroll amongst lush terraced rice fields
  • Shop for authentic Indonesian art in Ubud
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