Why Indonesia?

Diverse, alive, inspiring

Indonesia is big in every sense of the word. With the world’s fourth largest population (including the world’s largest Muslim population) occupying the world’s largest archipelago of over 17,000 islands, this is a country that inspires awe in even the most seasoned traveller.

To say that Indonesia is a dynamic country would be an understatement. From the chaotic urban sprawl of Jakarta, to the lush rice fields and turquoise waters of Bali, to the rugged mountains and billowing volcanoes of Java, the sheer vastness of Indonesia can be daunting. The enormity of Indonesia’s geography is matched only by the diversity of its people and cultures.

Calendar of Event

Start dateEnd dateTitleLocationDescription
23 June 201821 July 2018Bali Arts FestivalDenpasar, BaliIt is the perfect moment to witness Bali’s wealth of performing arts. You'll also catch a glimpse of various cultural highlights from other islands in Indonesia. It's one of the main highlights in Bali’s calendar of events. The annual celebration showcases various artworks and cultural achievements. It invites the public to the Taman Werdhi Budaya Arts Centre in Denpasar. Most of the daily exhibitions and art performances are focused here.
29 June 201830 June 2018Yadnya Kasadha dan Bromo ExoticaEast JavaYadnya Kasada and Bromo Exotica is a Tengger ceremony, that held every tenth month of customary calendar, on the slopes and crater of Mount Bromo.
26 July 201827 July 2018Festival Pesona Bunaken North SulawesiFestival Bunaken 2018 supported by the Ministry of Tourism with a view to preserve the nature and culture in Bunaken Island so as to provide assurance of the sustainability of local tourism which will ultimately be able to improve the welfare of the community. It will be filled with some exciting activities, such as art and cultural performances, volleyball games, boat rowing competitions, Bunaken cleansing, Katinting boat racing competitions, snorkeling, traditional games and grilled fish parties.
2 August 20186 August 2018Buleleng Festival Singaraja, North BaliBulfest which has become the national tourism agenda will take place in the Lion Monument of Ambararaja, Old Port Bridge, Puri Kanginan and Sasana Budaya. The series of events is very interesting, ranging from colorful parades or carnival, traditional dance performances, music performances to exhibitions and book launches. In addition, also featured culinary typical Buleleng.
23 September 201826 September 2018International Tour de Banyuwangi IjenEast JavaEntering the 7th edition in 2018, Banyuwangi cycling race will bring competing riders to survive the fascinating beauty of Banyuwangi Regency around the majestic slopes of Mount Ijen. The Bicycle Competition Internasional Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen (ItdBI) has been recognized by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) as one of the seven best cycling events in Asia, and the best in Indonesia for the past two years.
18 October 201821 October 2018Festival Pesona Raja AmpatPapua BaratThere are some interesting events held centered on the beach WTC (Waisai Torang Cinta). You can join thousands of locals to enjoy the many exciting attractions of various competitions, art and dance performances, exhibitions and folk entertainment. A number of supporting activities are also held such as Underwater Photo contest, Beach Clan, Scuba Diving, Marine Competition, Culinary Tour, Community Crafts Competition, Nature Tour Package, and Photo Journalism Competition.
11 November 201813 November 2018Wakatobi Wonderful Festival and Expo WAVESouth East SulawesiThis festival will present various marine cultural attractions from the islands around Wakatobi namely Wanci, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko.
5 Desember 20188 Desember 2018Lake Toba FestivalNorth Sumatera Lake Toba Festival is a cultural event, tourism and sports. The embryo of this event is the Festival of Lake Toba and began in the 1980s and turned into the Festival of Lake Toba in 2011. Since changing into Lake Toba Festival location of the implementation of the event is carried out alternately in the district of Lake Toba.

Indonesia Highlights

  • Tee off at some of the world’s most beautiful and challenging golf courses
  • Bask in the serenity of the Borobudur Temple
  • Spend time among the Orangutans in their jungle home
  • Relax on Bali’s iconic and celebrated beaches
  • Watch the sunrise over the steaming crater of Mount Bromo
  • Partake in the rural life and learn the techniques of processing rubber, coffee and cocoa
  • Indulge yourself in the world’s most acclaimed spas
  • Discover the ancient craft and secrets of puppet making
  • Take a stroll amongst lush terraced rice fields
  • Shop for authentic Indonesian art in Ubud
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