Nguyen Thuong Giang

General Manager Indochina

As a little girl Giang used to queue for hours with neighborhood kids in front of Hanoi's Metropole Hotel; the only place in town where fresh milk could be had. It is widely thought that this laid the foundation for Giang's interest in the leisure industry.

At the time that Giang studied, as per Vietnamese culture, she followed her parent's advice into Accounting but soon found out her passion for numbers was more towards 'numbers of people.' So, in love with traveling and cultural exchange, and proud of Vietnamese history, after graduating, she joined one of the largest state owned companies that were at that time shaping the country's tourism future. She became a tourist guide, sharing her love for the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam with overseas guests, while at the same time learning from them how the world turned across the regional borders.

Giang was on the team of the Indochina office in Hanoi from the first hour, originally in the Reservations and Operation department. She feels that the big difference in style of Asialink Holidays with our colleagues in the industry opened the door for her steady development towards heading the office as she does today.

Giang, a food-lover, will taste anything she can get her hands on, and is our leading expert in creating menus that reflect the region's cuisine while at the same time being not to daunting for your clients. In tourism, getting the balance right for your guests is key to success; Giang and her team are there to make sure it is done.


Janneke Dijkhuis

Corporate Business Development Manager

Janneke grew up in a small town in the North East of Holland. As her curiosity towards the big world grew she moved to America as an exchange student at age 16. After she came back from her ‘American Dream’ she decided that discovering the world was going to be the way to earn her daily bread. Janneke studied tourism at the MTRO in Zwolle and started working for one of Holland’s largest out bound tour operators.

In 2011 Janneke graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Breda, where she followed a dual study. For her thesis, Jannekemoved to Bangkok toresearch the processes between out bound Tour Operator and DMC and concluded that there are interesting opportunities for both parties. After working for 7 years in Holland for a Dutch Tour Operator, she made the switch to Asialink Holidays where she initially focused on elaborating and implementing parts of her thesis.

Within Asialink Holidays Janneke is responsible for business developments, which has tight connections to her experience in the tourist and hospitality industry. Exploring new destinations and developing products that matches with the wishes of the client is a challenge she likes to take on. Together with the teams in the offices, Janneke aims to provide innovative tours that will over exceed client’s expectations.

Being in contact with partners, listening to their wishes and brainstorm together on how these wishes could best be implemented into concepts and reality is one of the things Janneke likes doing most. Having a cooperation that is based on trust, understanding and joint vision are the basic ingredients for the way forward.